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Day/Night Program in Florida

Day/Night Rehab: Heal in a Serene, Stress-Free Place

When you’re trying to put your life back together after substance abuse, you just want to recover in a safe, judgment-free place that understands what you’re going through. At Footprints Beachside Recovery, that’s exactly what you get.

When you’re here, there’s no cookie-cutter treatment and you’re not just another statistic. In our day/night program, you’ll receive personalized, thoughtful care, daily monitoring and safe, stable housing.

What is a Day/Night Program?

A day/night addiction treatment program falls between inpatient and outpatient care, and involves a high level of supervision and structure during the day.

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, our day/night program is unlike others in the Pinellas County area, providing housing for you to stay and heal at your own pace.

Our day/night rehab program provides a high level of structure, as well as, daily monitoring, but is set up to mimic everyday life. This means you are given responsibilities like doing your own laundry, grocery shopping and cooking to keep you accountable and connected to your independence.

Small Rehab Center with Personalized Care Unlike Any Other

Because of our small size, we can begin tailoring your treatment plan on your very first phone call with us. During our initial conversation with you, we get to the bottom of what treatment you need and what you’re looking for from a treatment center.

If you have any particular treatment requests like the type of therapist you’d feel more comfortable with, we work to tailor your treatment to what best fits your needs.

Is a Day/Night Program Right for Me?

From personal experience, we know picking a rehab facility is a huge decision. Our day/night rehab program is an ideal middle ground if you’re looking for a program that provides the structure of a residential program and the flexibility of an outpatient program.

If you or a loved one answer “yes” to the following questions, then a day/night program may be the right choice:

  • I struggle with addiction and need frequent supervision
  • I need a good amount of structure in order to be successful during recovery
  • I am able to maintain a level independence and don’t require 24-hour medical care
  • I have support from family and friends

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, our goal is to help you get through the right door to recover from addiction.

Day/Night Rehab in Treasure Island, Florida Focused on Peace and Healing

In a tranquil setting of gently rolling waves and warm gulf breezes, our day/night program in Florida heals the mind, body and spirit. Call us today to learn more about the personalized and caring treatment you’ll receive in our day/night program.