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Women’s Program

Women’s Addiction Treatment Program

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we have seen positive results with gender-specific group therapy. That is why partial days are dedicated to our clients experience in the gender specific groups. The private, separate living quarters for women ensures a personalized approach and an intimate experience to substance abuse rehabilitation. Our licensed, expressive arts therapist leads our women’s empowerment groups and explores topics such as healing, hope and empowerment. Learn more about our expert staff here.

Drug Rehab Program for Women

Gender-specific group therapy has been shown to be an effective tool in the recovery process due to the fact that women and men have some inherent differences from one another. While anyone can fall victim to addiction regardless of sex, women experience addiction differently than men, both physically and mentally:

  • Women tend to develop substance abuse problems faster than men.
  • Women are more likely to be suffering from mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder or major depression, which contributes to their substance abuse.
  • Most female drug users are also victims of sexual abuse, or have undergone some sort of significant emotional or physical trauma that caused them to turn to drugs or alcohol. The majority of these women also had at least one parent who had a history of substance abuse.
  • Women’s body weight tends to be lower than men’s. They also tend to carry more fat and less water in their bodies. This causes their bodies to retain alcohol longer and exposes their internal organs to the effects of alcohol for an extended period of time.
  • Women with substance abuse problems experience more health-related consequences and report problems of greater severity.
  • Female addicts tend to face more barriers when seeking treatment and have more difficulty entering rehab. Women are more likely to be the main caregivers to children and many believe their responsibilities to their children and household cannot be neglected for long periods of time. This can cause them to have more difficulty attending regular treatment sessions, or stop them from getting treatment at all. Women are also more likely to report feeling shame because of their addiction and needing substance abuse treatment, and are more susceptible to feeling stigmatized.

Partaking in a women-specific therapy group allows for these different experiences to be addressed in a comfortable environment that is sensitive to the needs of women in recovery. Discussing these personal issues with other women can provide great benefits and prove to be a crucial part in the recovery process.

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