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Men’s Treatment Center in Pinellas County, FL

Men’s Addiction Rehab Programs

At Footprints, we believe that gender-specific group therapy can have a positive effect on both men and women. That is why partial days are dedicated to our clients experience in the gender specific groups. Separate private residences for men, and the men in recovery groups provide a safe and therapeutic atmosphere for men to recover and heal. If you are curious about what to expect from Footprints, learn more about the specifics of our drug treatment program.

Men’s Recovery Program in Pinellas County, FL

The reason gender-specific group therapy has been shown to be an effective tool in the recovery process is because women and men have some inherent differences from one another. While anyone can fall victim to addiction regardless of sex, men experience addiction differently than women, both physically and mentally. Men’s-only addiction rehab programs can be more effective for long-term recovery for some of the following reasons:

  • Men are more likely to develop alcohol-related problems than women. Men typically consume more alcohol than women when they drink and they drink more frequently.
  • Men are more likely to use illicit drugs and to develop drug-related problems than women.
  • Men tend to be more impulsive, riskier and competitive. Many times, these traits lead them to experiment with drugs and alcohol, and can cause them to consume larger quantities to try and outdo the people around them.
  • Many men feel that they need to be tough and strong due to expectations put on them by society. This encourages them to keep their issues and emotions to themselves, and makes them believe they must solve their problems on their own. Not opening up about how they’re feeling or what they’re dealing with often leads them to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with their problems.
  • Studies show that men’s brains release more dopamine after drinking an alcoholic drink or doing drugs, suggesting that these substances produce more feelings of pleasure and gratification in men than women.
  • Male recovering addicts are more likely to relapse than females.

Partaking in a men’s-only therapy group allows for these issues to be discussed openly in a comfortable, judgement-free environment. Forming bonds and developing trust with fellow men who are enduring similar struggles can be very beneficial in your recovery process, as you begin to truly address your addiction and the problems behind it.

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