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Why You Need a Women’s-Only Rehab Treatment Program

jrtempleton - December 11, 2018

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One of the most important factors in choosing the best rehab option is that it fits your needs. You need to feel safe, welcome and comfortable in order to be successful, which is why many women choose a program specifically for them. A good women’s treatment program can often provide the support needed to break the cycle of addiction.

Differences in Female Addiction

The factors that lead a woman to drug dependency are much different than those that influence a man’s path to addiction. For women, addiction can come from:

  • Loss
  • Abuse
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder1
  • Trauma
  • Parenting issues
  • Social phobias
  • Self-esteem problems

There are also significant differences in the types of drugs women turn to and how they use them. Women often abuse prescription opioids or amphetamines in order to meet all of their family and work responsibilities. Once addicted, they may avoid treatment for a variety of reasons:

  • Fear of losing their children
  • Worry about finding childcare while they are in treatment
  • Worry about neglecting their family responsibilities
  • Concerns of financial instability during treatment

Specific Challenges for Women

Addiction doesn’t discriminate, but women often face different psychological and physiological challenges on their journey to sobriety.

  • Addiction Progression – Women metabolize alcohol and drugs faster than men, which means they can develop an addiction faster.
  • Shame and Denial – Women are caregivers by nature so they can have a difficult time admitting when they need help.
  • Need for Relationships – Women are less solitary than men and more communal in their approach to recovery.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

  • Provides a safe place where many women find it easier to open up about the issues they face when only in the presence of other women.
  • Some women may have experienced sexual assault or other traumas that they are uncomfortable talking about in front of men.
  • Offers a sense of security for women who have been victims of domestic violence or other forms of abuse.
  • Treatment can focus on dual diagnosis as many women become addicted due to a mental health disorder.
  • Group topics can focus on parenting, eating disorders, body image issues or self-esteem problems.
  • Women in gender-specific treatment are more likely to complete their full program.
  • Provides a nurturing environment when compared to traditional treatments with men.
  • Women thrive on relationships2 and this can give them a chance to help one another and create a sense of community.

Get Personalized Treatment

Treatment needs are as unique as the individual who needs them. Choosing a program created just for women can ensure a personalized approach to therapy. At Footprints, our separate living quarters for women can lead to a better experience and more positive results. For more information on our women’s recovery program, contact us today.

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