Trauma Informed Care at Footprints

Clinical studies of patients in substance abuse treatment programs have shown a high correlation with a client history of trauma. The division between the trauma and substance abuse treatment fields has meant that patients have been forced to bounce back and forth between trauma and substance abuse treatment programs, and have been viewed as poor-prognosis.

Common Causes of Trauma

Common causes of trauma can include physical, sexual or mental abuse, childhood neglect, death of a loved one, divorce, rape, war, serious illness, and more. Unfortunately, many adults who have experienced a type of trauma turn to drugs to cope.

Footprints Approach to Trauma Informed Care

At Footprints, we feel that it is important to include trauma informed care in our drug addiction treatment program. Our professional staff are certified in trauma resolution therapies, and our program is designed to treat these issues in an integrated fashion alongside modern drug addiction rehabilitation. Learn more about what to expect from Footprints drug treatment program.

Footprints’ Reviews

Anonymous Footprints Testimonial

“I had everything I wanted in life except happiness. I found Footprints and my life changed in one day. I attribute all the great things that have come to me from my experience at this recovery center. This is not a place to be counted as a number. This family owned and operated center went over and beyond to help support me and my family throughout the hardest times of our life.  If anyone is wavering in their decision on where to become sober, I highly suggest Footprints Beachside Recovery”
2015 Testimonial

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