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Addiction Treatment for Professionals in Florida

Maintaining a high-level job is stressful and time consuming. If you’re a doctor or surgeon, you’re responsible for people’s health and survival. If you’re a business executive, you’re in charge of business operations and people’s livelihoods.

Having all that weight on your shoulders can convince you that drinking or using drugs will help you relax so you can do your job more effectively. But what it actually does is send you into a downward spiral of addiction where your main priority is satisfying your cravings and keeping your drug use a secret.

Our professional rehab program in Florida is ideal for doctors, nurses, lawyers, business executives and other licensed professionals who want to end their drug use and find a healthier way to manage their stress.

You’ve tackled every other obstacle and goal in your life head-on. It’s time to do that with your addiction at Footprints Beachside Recovery.

Outcomes of Our Professionals Addiction Treatment Program

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, our goal is to help you live a healthier, fulfilling life and return to work stronger than ever. In our rehab program for professionals, here’s some of the following outcomes you can learn:

How Addiction Has Impaired Your Professional Life

During treatment, you’ll explore all the ways your substance abuse had jeopardized your work performance, compromised your work integrity and principles, and put others in dangerous situations. You’ll then develop healthy ways to repair the damage your addiction caused and manage stressful work conditions moving forward.

Ways to Create a Healthy Work Life Balance

Your addiction started because you stopped taking care of yourself. Your work became your life and you lost the balance we all need to live healthy, happy lives. Our professionals rehab program emphasizes the importance of self-care, teaching you the strategies and tools you need to maintain a work life balance.

Craving Management

What were the triggers throughout the work day that would drive you to drink or get high? During therapy sessions, we’ll work with you to uncover those triggers and develop a relapse prevention plan that focuses on lessening your cravings and replacing them with healthier and more effective outlets.

How to Establish Professional Wellbeing

Your career is important to you and we want to help you return to it after treatment. During rehab, you’ll identify negative behaviors that influenced your addiction. You’ll then develop coping skills and healthy patterns of behavior that can set you up for success when you return to work.

Why Footprints Beachside Recovery for Professionals Rehab

Our addiction treatment center is nestled in the old Florida beach town of Treasure Island right by St. Pete Beach, giving you the privacy and tranquility needed to disconnect and heal from addiction. Some of the additional benefits of our treatment program include:

Private Treatment Where You Can De-Stress

When you come to Footprints Beachside Recovery, you’ll have access to private accommodations and the calming, quiet oceanfront. Our program gives you limited time with your phone for pressing work responsibilities, but you won’t have to worry about running into colleagues or revealing why you’re away. This gives you the chance to focus 100 percent of your time and energy on recovery.

We Help You Slowly Transition Back to Your Career

Jumping right back into work after finishing treatment can be jarring and even more stressful than when you originally entered rehab. That’s why our program educates you on the coping skills necessary to manage the pressures of your job. You’ll also be able to participate in our outpatient treatment program that keeps you connected to treatment as you slowly rejoin the workforce.

Treatment Tailored to Your Professional Lifestyle

We take an individualized approach to addiction treatment, knowing that no two addictions are the same. During your stay at Footprints Beachside Recovery, you’ll receive compassionate, personalized care and follow a treatment plan that has been designed to address your unique needs and situation.

Start Your Recovery Today at Footprints Beachside Recovery

We know that achieving your goals is in your nature, so don’t let addiction hold you back. Get the high-quality and effective treatment you need to defeat substance abuse at Footprints Beachside Recovery.

Call us today to learn more about our professionals addiction treatment program and find out how you can get started.