Addiction Therapy for Family

Counseling for families of drug addicts

When a family member or loved one chooses a substance abuse treatment program, the family and support network will feel a combination of emotions; relief, confusion, exhaustion, hope, and fear. While the client is getting treatment, it is important that the family understands how to deal with their loved one once they return home; how to keep them accountable, set healthy boundaries, end the enabling, and provide the healthy support needed.

Why Family Therapy is Important for Substance Abuse

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family, and many of our clients understand because they have strong relationships at home. Family therapy has been proven effective and can be done in tandem with other types of therapy, like individual and group therapy, and play a major role in successful recovery. The benefits of family therapy include the following:

  • Helps recovering addicts understand the role that family plays in recovery
  • Improves communication between family members in a constructive environment
  • Provides accountability for recovering addicts
  • Can help loved ones and recovering addicts identify coping mechanisms

Family Counseling at Footprints

Footprints offers counseling and therapy sessions for families of recovering addicts so healing can begin within the often complex and dynamic context of the family. At Footprints, you can expect family therapy to work in concurrence with other you or your loved one’s personalized treatment plan as part of our holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. Contact us to learn more about support options that we offer for families of addicts.

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“I had everything I wanted in life except happiness. I found Footprints and my life changed in one day. I attribute all the great things that have come to me from my experience at this recovery center. This is not a place to be counted as a number. This family owned and operated center went over and beyond to help support me and my family throughout the hardest times of our life.  If anyone is wavering in their decision on where to become sober, I highly suggest Footprints Beachside Recovery”

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