Will Heroin Rehab Really Help Me?

January 25, 2018 5:19 pm Published by

You might be ready to take the first step toward recovery and wondering if a heroin rehab program will actually work. Drug rehab can work if you think of it as a long-term lifestyle change and not like a magic fix. While nothing in life is guaranteed, if you follow your treatment plan and continue to change in pursuit of a healthy life, rehab can work.

Research has shown that people who are in treatment over a long period of time are able to stop using drugs and improve their lives. Just like any other chronic disease, addiction can be managed with long-term changes and continuously working at your new lifestyle.

Choosing a Treatment Option

If you are just starting to look for a rehab center, it can be overwhelming to see so many options. Your treatment center can help you decide what type of program is best for you.

Inpatient treatment: This treatment requires patients to check themselves in and are in a controlled environment with 24-hour medical and emotional care. The first step of the program is detox and then the patient is able to focus on getting well and sober during their stay. This could last anywhere from 28 days to a few months.
Outpatient treatment: This treatment allows the patient to live at their home and requires 10-12 hours per week visiting a local treatment center. This can be useful for someone with a mild addiction or as part of a long-term treatment program.

Finding the Right Facility

A good rehab center will invest in its continuing care. This includes services such as:

  • Encouraging clients to attend treatment for longer periods of time
  • Helping clients cultivate roots in long-term support communities
  • Providing education and resources to the client’s family members
  • Offering different treatment dynamics like group therapy, family therapy, art therapy, etc.

Relapse Prevention Plan

A facility that provides strong continuing care will not just treat the substance abuse but will also work to prevent relapse. Having a strong relapse prevention plan when leaving the center will help you be successful with your sobriety journey.

Ask Questions, Expect Answers

The best way to determine the success of a program is to ask questions. The rehab center should be able to answer questions about their success rates and the statistics behind them.

Benefits of Varied Therapies

There are benefits of choosing a heroin rehab that offers an individualized program and includes therapy options such as:

– Group therapy
– Trauma therapy
– Dual diagnosis groups
– Art therapy
– Nutrition education
– Physical activities

The heroin rehab treatment at Footprints offers all of these options for therapy and more. You can even enjoy sober outdoor activities on the beach. If you are ready to take the first step toward your new life, contact us today. We believe heroin addiction is treatable when the right combination of treatments, therapies and supports are in place.

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