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Where Do Most of the Drugs in Florida Come From?

jrtempleton - February 3, 2019

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If you ask treatment centers throughout Florida for the most common substance abuse issue they treat, alcoholism would be the overwhelming favorite. This should make sense as it’s cheap, legal and easy to obtain.

However, illegal drugs aren’t terribly difficult to find. How is it possible that illicit substances like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl and more are so readily available in Florida?

How Illegal Drugs Enter Florida

Our nation’s border with Mexico has been a hot-button topic for some time. President Trump’s border wall could potentially reduce the amount of drugs flowing in from our neighbors to the south.

However, a recent report from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) shows that large quantities of illegal drugs often come concealed in large transport vehicles including tractor-trailers, boats and planes. South Florida is a popular entry point for drug traffickers approaching by air or sea given the thousands of miles of coastline. Some drugs are smuggled in via couriers taking commercial flights. American pilots, stewardesses and other airline personnel are occasionally involved.

Other Factors in the Booming Illegal Drug Trade in Florida

Our beautiful beaches attract vacationers—particularly spring breakers. This increases the demand for illicit drugs and subsequently keeps our area heavily stocked.

The opioid epidemic in our state was pushed into overdrive in part by unscrupulous doctors and clinics who frivolously prescribed painkillers for profit. While public awareness of the dangers of pain pills has improved and our communities have taken action to help those addicted, the problem is far from solved. In fact, many who begin abusing painkillers turn to heroin and other street drugs when they’re unable to maintain their pill habit.

The Colombian Cocaine Connection in Florida

The DEA has observed increased production of cocaine in Colombia. Southern Florida is feeling the effects of the surge. Some estimates show a threefold increase of the drug pouring into our area. The surplus has reduced the cost of cocaine on the street which makes it even more accessible to more users. As a result, cocaine overdose deaths have been climbing in recent years.

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With the increasing accessibility of a variety of illicit drugs, addiction is impacting people of all ages and economic standing. It’s a chronic disease that can be complicated by issues like unresolved trauma, but you can recover. With treatment, it’s possible to heal yourself and your family.

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