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How Meth Affects the Body

jrtempleton - March 8, 2019

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People who have never tried methamphetamine (also known as crank, speed, crystal or simply meth) have a difficult time understanding why someone would use the drug. They’ve seen things like the “Faces of Meth” project that show what the drug can do after sustained use, and they can’t imagine why someone would experiment with a drug that can lead to that.

Obviously, nobody sets out with that end goal in mind. Your friends might use it regularly, and they don’t look like a warning poster. You have enough self-control to keep things together, right? It’s just one time at a party or hanging out with people you know.

These lies that we tell ourselves don’t take into account all the ways that meth affects our bodies, beginning as early as the first use. As the drug makes a resurgence in Florida, take some time to learn about the effects meth can have on the body to hopefully help avoid using it in the future.

The Initial Effects of Crystal Meth

The first surge or rush causes a chain reaction within your body. Your heart starts working overtime as your blood pressure and heart rate increase. Your metabolism also picks up the pace, which often leads to binging on unhealthy foods and drinks to satisfy cravings.

Then, you settle into a state where your confidence surges. You might feel an increased sense of focus. Users often have heightened feelings of desirability or sexuality during this phase. This is caused by chemical changes taking place within your brain. If you use often enough, some changes in brain structure or chemistry might be permanent.

Feeling the Effects of Meth Binges

The experience can be so addictive that you try to maintain it for as long as possible—leading to binges. It works for a while, but the body cannot operate at these levels forever. Eventually, the drug stops having much, if any effect at all.

At this point, hallucinations may occur. You may not be able to sleep. Finally, after days of supercharged activity, your systems struggle to find some sense of equilibrium again, leaving you exhausted and depressed.

In the days that follow, these feelings can intensify. During binges, personal hygiene and health are often neglected completely. The lack of nutrition and proper self-care can lead to a host of other issues. All of these negative feelings reinforce your need to use again.

Long-Term Effects of Using Methamphetamine

As your tolerance builds and the size and frequency of your doses increases, you may suffer from:

  • Bleeding within the brain
  • Brain damage in multiple areas impacting various
  • Immune system breakdowns
  • Increased risk of blood clots
  • Muscular and skeletal damage
  • Skin sores and infections

These effects can occur from simply using the drug and don’t include the increased risk of traumatic injury as behavioral changes cause you to act out violently or engage in risky activities.

Recover from Methamphetamine Addiction in Florida

Given the highly addictive nature of meth, treatment in a quality recovery program is strongly recommended. Have you tried to stop using and failed previously? Don’t let that be an excuse to avoid seeking help now.

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we understand that every person and every addiction is different. Our experienced staff can develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and gives you the best chance at recovery.

Contact our team today and learn how you can begin healing from the disease of addiction.

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